How We Do It

We bring your coursework to your fingertips. From the classroom to your desktop, to your laptop and mobile devices, you can stay connected. Your materials are accessible whether you are traveling or just taking a leisurely walk while listening to a lecture. We understand the versatility needed by the 24/7 demands of our students.

Lectures can be delivered via webcasts to the desktop which may include a video of the lecturer and PC screenshots. Whether it is a PowerPoint presentation, lecture, software, or other course material, all of the video and audio that is captured is available for the student to offload to their favorite mobile device. Much of the course material is posted to the Canvas Course Management System for online review. Students participate in class discussion forums on Canvas at a time that works for their daily schedule - during the day, late at night or early in the morning. These forums provide an excellent opportunity to express your opinions and interact with your cohort.